Frightful & Delightful

Oh, October, the busiest and spookiest month of the year. Every October I look forward to shopping for crazy cute costumes, attending parties, and indulging in unique Halloween sweets. As you prepare your candy corner for upcoming Halloween celebrations, surprise your guests with an unexpected spooktacular treat. Our Halloween boo-tique is filled with frightfully delightful cotton candy offerings, featuring our newest flavor Pumpkin Pizzazz. These cotton candy treats are not only delicious but charmingly cute.

Puff Pops  

Puff Pops  are perfect for Halloween parties as well as school treats. We created these pops by twirling fresh cotton candy on a festive striped paper straw, complimented it with a polka-dot ribbon and adorned the top with a creepy little spider.

cotton candy puff pop

Twirl Puff Pop

pumpkin cotton candy

Pumpkin Cotton Candy Puff Pops

Halloween cotton candy pops

Jack-O’-Lantern Puff Pops


Party Puffs

Filled with fluffy cotton candy goodness, these party puffs are perfect keepsakes for guests and make for a charming gift. We’ve amped up the cuteness by adding everyone’s favorite Halloween sweet, candy corn. The jars are simply decorated with ribbon and a candy corn designed top. No need to be afraid of these ghost!  These adorable little ghosts in a jar are sweetly spooky. Custom labels/tags are available.

candy corn jars

Candy Corn cotton candy

Candy Corn Party Puffs

party puffs pumpkin cotton candy

Pumpkin Pizzazz party puffs

cotton candy ghotst

Ghost in a jar


Contact us today to place your Halloween orders. We hope that our party puffs have inspired you to celebrate in style.

Added bonus:  Our organic cotton candy is worry free (gluten free, nut free & vegan). Even kids battling wheat, lactose, and nut allergies can enjoy this treat. Send your child to school with a treat everyone can enjoy.


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