Delish: Pumpkin Pizzazz

Happy Fall! After experiencing one of the hottest summers here in Las Vegas, we are ready to cool off and trade in the sandals for boots. It’s the season to enjoy fuzzy sweaters, autumn flavors and chilly nights snuggled with loved ones. We have an exciting collection of new seasonal cotton candy offerings, which incorporates all the favorite flavors of fall and the holidays.

Today we are sharing our newest cotton candy flavor, everyone’s favorite fall craving….pumpkin! We’d like you to meet, Pumpkin Pizazz, our pumpkin-flavored organic cotton candy. Nothing says fall better than a pumpkin flavored treat.  Created especially for the autumn season, this harvest-inspired flavor is a spiced twist on a sweet nostalgic treat.


 Why not add a little shimmer? Custom cones are optional, we added a little glam to the cotton candy cones.





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